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Ways to Give

Beneficiary Income

Gifts that provide a lifetime income for you or a beneficiary

A charitable remainder trust allows you to make a significant gift to the Foundation and receive income for life. When the trust ends, the assets remaining in the trust go to the Foundation. This type of gift offers several benefits to a donor. Using this giving vehicle, you may be able to achieve one or more of the following goals:

  • Increased income from low-yielding assets.
  • Reduction of elimination of income, estate and gift taxes that could otherwise be due.
  • Diversification of investments and the potential for tax-free growth of assets.
  • Creation of a source of income for children, parents and/or other loved ones.

The enjoyment of making a gift that might not otherwise be possible.

For more information about planned giving or the Foundation in general, please contact us at info@????? or 208-933-GIVE (4483)

Please consult your professional advisor for specific advice regarding planned giving and estate planning.