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General Statement

General Statement

General Statement

Twin Falls Education Foundation

Bridging the gap between students, business, and education

Twin Falls Education Foundation exists because of you. In its 30+ years of service to Twin Falls School District and the Magic Valley, numerous community leaders and talented volunteers have committed to building the resources needed to help support our school district. As an independent 501(c)(3) organization, the organization is devoted to raising philanthropic funds for those things that tax dollars simply cannot provide.

The organization is an independent, community-based institution that mobilizes ideas, leadership, and money necessary to enable and encourage private individuals and businesses to make a direct and meaningful impact on children and education within Twin Falls School District.

  • Who we are.
    Twin Falls Education Foundation is a coalition of engaged business and community leaders with a passion and understanding of the importance of education.
  • What we do.
    As an independent 501(c)(3), Twin Falls Education Foundation seeks to improve the academic success and wellbeing of each student with a particular emphasis on supporting students at risk of not graduating as well as supporting the needs of educators and elevating the profession of educators. 
  • How we do it.
    In collaboration with Twin Falls School District, concerned individuals, Magic Valley business sector, and community partners, Twin Falls Education Foundation provides basic needs, programs and educational enhancement services that have been shown to improve the chances of student academic success and wellbeing.

The concept of Twin Falls Education Foundation is simple but practical. The organization works to facilitate through business and education partnerships, the fostering of programs, alliances, and resources to impact student learning/success and assist educators within the public school system. The foundation supports these areas through programs, partnerships, and advocacy initiatives.

  • Programs
    Organizational programs improve student achievement, lessen student dropout, provide assistance and opportunities for students of low-income families, support creative classroom projects and honor selected individuals who have made an impact in our schools and raised the bar in the education profession.
  • Partnerships
    The Foundation builds bridges between students, schools, and the community. Twin Falls Education Foundation helps connect the talents and resources of citizens, parents, businesses and nonprofit organizations with the educational interests and needs of children and schools.
  • Advocacy
    The organization solicits the crucially needed resources essential to bridge budget disparities, reduce inequities and create opportunities and an equitable education for ALL students.  Board members are enthusiastic advocates for strong societal support of public education.