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Next Level Learning

Partnering with the community to enrich student learning, we leverage our most important investment – the educational and personal success of our kids.

Next Level Learning opportunities have the potential to be the great equalizer in education. As an organization, we strive to increase funding to provide equitable educational opportunities for all students within safe and secure learning environments. Twin Falls Education Foundation believes that accessing unique opportunities such as these are important elements to the academic experience and to a successful adulthood. We strive to provide opportunities for students to recognize their potential through varied experiences.  

Supporting innovative programs and experiences helps students encounter academic success and capitalize on positive momentum. When students have a clear, tangible outcome for their learning and can recognize their successes, engagement comes naturally, and the payoffs are clear:

  • Achieve higher graduation rates
  • Reach more at-risk students
  • Retain students and state funding
  • Increased teacher retention
  • Deepen community ties/support
  • Attain better student engagement with fewer behavior issues

In short, high-quality learning opportunities are for everyone - and the benefits they create are critical to our future economy.