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Who We Are


Twin Falls School District is the largest school district in Magic Valley, a growing agricultural region of the Snake River Plain in south-central Idaho. The district serves close to 10,000 students, grades K through 12. The district is the most ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse in the region. The school system employs more than 500 teachers, 68 percent of whom hold masters’ degrees or higher. The district has 16 academic locations: 9 elementary schools, 3 traditional middle schools, 1 alternative middle school, 2 traditional high schools, and 1 alternative high school. Its traditional high schools hold the highest dual credit enrollments in the Magic Valley.

23% Hispanic or Latino
1% Asian or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
69% Caucasian
4% Black or African American
<1% Unclassified
1% American Indian or Alaska Native
5% Homeless
61% Students in foster care
61% Economically disadvantaged
12% Disabled Students
12% English Learners
1% American Indian or Alaska Native

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