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Next Level Learning

CTE (Career Technical Education)

Career Technical Education (CTE) makes education relevant and important. One goal for CTE is to put individual students to work to achieve success defined in a number of ways, including earnings and quality of life. A second goal is to provide a skilled labor force to enable the community to maintain its place in the state and national economy.

As an organization, we believe that students enrolled in CTE courses are significantly more likely to develop problem-solving, project completion, research, communication, time management, and critical thinking skills during high school.  CTE and workplace readiness programs benefit all students, and helps them gain employability skills, technical knowledge, and the training they need to thrive in today’s – and tomorrow’s – workforce. Through our efforts we strive to support higher graduation rates, higher student achievement, obtaining of industry recognized certifications ensuring that students from Twin Falls School District are workforce ready building pathways to both college and career.