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Ways to Give

Wills & Trusts

Bequests in a will or trust

Giving a specific amount: Stating a dollar amount to be given through your will offers certainty as to the amount that will be used to charitable use.

Giving a percentage: If you are unsure at this time, what dollar gift to leave as a bequest, you may want to specify a particular percentage of the assets passing under your will to the Foundation. This way your charitable dispositions will automatically adjust along with the total value of property passing under the terms of your will. All or part of “what’s left”: If you are not comfortable with the idea of leaving a specific amount or a percentage of your assets to charity, you might wish to provide for a gift from the residue, or ‘what’s left’, after providing adequately for your loved ones. In this manner, you can assure that others receive what you would like them to have before any assets are distributed for charitable use.